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Friday, 18 January 2019

Happy Republic Day 2019 Wishes,Messages,Whatsapp and Facebook Status

Happy Republic Day 2019 Wishes,status,messages

Happy Republic Day 2019:-On 26 January 2019 our country celebrate 70th republic day.Republic Day is a national festival of India which is celebrated every year on 26 January.So Here are the best messages,wishes,whatsapp and facebook status to send your friends and family members on the ocassion of Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day 2019 Wishes,Messages,Whatsapp and Facebook Status:-

1.Let us celebrate the glory of our nation and share the pride of being an Indian,Happy Republic Day!

2.Today is the 26th of January, the historic day of our national heroes and freedom fighters who have suffered to give us a republican nation. Happy Day of the Republic! 

3. This is a land of spiritual colors and faith. Let this Republic Day remind us of our leaders ' work and life for a safe and happy life. 70th REPUBLIC DAY of HAPPY. 

4. Liberty In The Mind, Strength In The Words, Pureness In Our Blood, Pride In Our Souls, Zeal In Our Hearts, Let's Greet Our India On Republic Day. 

5.Rising, Powerful, Powerful, Ultimate, Beautiful, Independent, Happy Republic Day 2019! 

6.I love my country, not it's great, but it's my own. Happy Republic Day.

7. Let every citizen come together from the east where the sun rises, from the west where it sets, from the north to the south where it has no footprints, and pay homage to our national heroes. 

8. After many sacrifices, we gained this land, so value your land. Enjoy Independence Day! Happy Republic Day 2019 

9.God's Precious Gift of Independence. May We remain independent at all times. A very happy. Happy Republic Day.

10. Freedom of mind, faith of words, pride of hearts, memories of souls, greetings, the nation on the day of the Republic. 

11.Come together to celebrate India's making. Happy Day of the Republic! 

12. On this Republic Day, rejoice in the glory of India and the freedom fighter. We wish all of you a . Happy Republic Day.

13. India belongs to me, I belong to India. Happy Republic Day.

14.Happy Republic Day, One Constitution, One Nation, One People. 

15. Only those who love it are given liberty by God, and they are always ready to guard and defend it. . Happy Republic Day.

16. Liberty in mind, Faith in words, Pride in heart, Remembrance in soul. Salute the nation on REPUBLIC DAY. 

17.Independence is always God's marvelous gift. May this wonderful nation stay forever independent! Wishing all my Friends Happy Republic Day. 

18.Recalling and Rejoicing Our Freedom Fighters ' Victory on this 70th Republic Day Best Wishes to . Happy Republic Day. 2019. 

19. May we always choose liberty to live peciously above all else. May we always be proud of our country. . Happy Republic Day! 

20. Firmness of mind, pride of soul, gratitude of heart. . Happy Republic Day to everyone! 

21. Let's celebrate our nation's glory and share the pride of being an Indian Happy Republic Day 

22. It's time for us to invest in our nation's soul-Happy Republic Day. 

23.Make in India ensures that India is made. A New India is about to happen.. Happy Republic Day.Republic. 

24.Be the Chief. Make the Difference. . Happy Republic Day.

25.Republic Day best wishes! May you be one of this soil's greatest sons! 

26. Let us never forget that we should never be shy. Let's make the nation's flag fly very high. 

27. Let us remember our country's golden heritage and be proud to be part of India that is ever shining.. Happy Republic Day.! 

28. The culture of a nation resides in its people's hearts and souls. "Mahatma Gandhi. . Happy Republic Day.

29.Thousands of people have laid down their lives... so that our country breathes today...... never forget their sacrifice. 

30. I am proud to be part of a country called India every day, every hour, every minute and every second, and we are Indians. Happy Republic Day.

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