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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Best Frienship Status,Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook-Status&Wishes

Best Frienship Status,Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook

One of life's most precious gifts is friendship or friendship, a person who has true friends in his life is lucky. Makes an exciting life that is friendly enough. It gives our life a sweet and happy experience. If you're always looking for a status for friends, where you can share your feeling with your friends with this status for friends forever.So here the best status for friends foreveror friends quotes,where you can share this status,quotes on whatsapp,facebook and instagram.

Best Status For Friends:-

1.A lovely friendship can make people change. With friends, life is better. 

2.Friends are like stars, they're coming and going, but those who stay are the ones who are glowing. 

3.A best friend is like a four-legged clover: hard to find and fortunate to have. 

4.If you have a true friend, you've got more than your share. 

5.Only a true best friend can protect you against your immortal enemies. 

Best Frienship Status,Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook

6.Before understanding, don't make friends, and after misunderstanding, don't break friends. 

7.True friends, even if you don't want to hear it, will tell you the truth.

8.A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just as money is, made easier than kept, as you are Friendship. 

9.Friendship is like money, made easier than maintained. 

10.Unless you happen to go down, a true friend will never get in your way. 

11.A good friend will help you when a best friend laughs in your face and trips you back. 

12.Hard to find good friends, hard to leave, impossible to forget. 

13.A lovely friendship can make people change. 

14.The only people in the world that could stop me from crying are my best friend. 

15.It's not for sale, don't try to buy friendship.

16.It's hard to find good friends in the world, hard to leave, and impossible to forget. 

17.Friendship in two bodies is like one mind... 

18.If you lose a friend because you're honest, he's not a good friend! 

19.Friends are your family by your choice. 

20.The diamond always has a expensive price but friends are more expensive than diamonds. 

Best Frienship Status,Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook

21.It's a quick job to want to be friends, but friendship is a slow, mature fruit. 

22.Being one is the only way to have a friend. 

23.A friend is someone who gives you complete freedom to become yourself. 

24.Friendship is blessed with trust, there's nothing without it. When I make them my friends, am I not destroying my enemies? 

25.A true friend never gets in your way unless u happen to be going down ..

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