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Friday, 15 March 2019

Good Night Wishes,Status For Whatsapp and Facebook

Good Night Wishes,Status For Whatsapp and Facebook

Now a day everybody can use social media, everybody uses social media to share media, messages and status. From now on everybody can start a day with sending warm wishes to friend family and realistic and simultaneously people there by sending good night wishes, status on whatsapp and facebook.

Good Night Wishes,Status For Whatsapp and Facebook:-

1.I enjoy the night. We would never see the stars without the dark. "Good night! 

2. Everyone's good night. Hopefully I don't have another dream with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears because it was awkward 

3.Hope u wake up with good dreams, a well-rested body, a heart filled with hapiness n love for peace... Good night, good night! 

4.I miss you. I miss you. I want to be there instead of sending this loving "GOOD NIGHT" to hold you tightly! 

5.Good Real World Night, Hello World Dream. 

6.I am Off to wrap myself like a marshmallow in my quilt and sleep. Goodnight All. 

7.Please don't let your bad day persuade you to have a bad life. Good evening! 

8. Certainly my day will not be over because I have something left to do. Without saying I love you, I couldn't sleep yet. Good night. 

9.A day will come to an end once more. It's nice to have a friend that looks so great as you make my everyday. Good night and dreams of sweetness.

10. You may dream of beautiful things and wake up to find real things. Good evening. 

Good Night Wishes,Status For Whatsapp and Facebook

11.Dreams touch your heart and soul, a magic memory uniting fantasy and reality. Hope you're going to have the sweetest dream tonight... 

12.To all my family and friends: Good Night and Sweet Dream. 

13.Positive thoughts and a grateful heart always end the day. Good evening. 

14. Good evening may the angels of God watch over you and your families to all my friends and family. 

15.I love to sleep because this is the only place that removes me from reality. So, it's all good night. 

16. Dead battery, recharging time,Good night all. 

17. I like that night. Without the dark, we would never see the stars. Good Night. 

18.Hope to have a good night for all my wonderful friends. Dreams of sweetness. 

19. Loves going to bed smiling at the end of a good day. Good night 

20. Great family and friends. Fear nothing all night long for watching God is awake.

21. Good Night. My mind, my body, my soul, has gone to rest. Wishing you the best of dreams and a pleasant sleep. 

22.This moment I have been waiting for since I got up... good night! 

23.If you don't have time to wait, don't worry. Just remove the clock battery and enjoy life. Good night. The day is over 

24. And I'm going through the day. Good night, dreams of sweet. 

25.Diamond stars as your bedside lamp, good night for you to sleep 

26. Until then, one day, I will rule the world, I will go to bed. Good night. 

27. Touch the heart, close the eyes, wish, say good night. 

28. Don't lose hope, you never know what it will bring tomorrow, good night, sweet dreams. 

29.Good night, tight sleep, I will dream of you with all my strength. 

30.Everyone's having a great night's sleep and I hope you'll have a great day tomorrow.

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