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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Sad Status And Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook-Status&wishes

Sadness is a normal emotion, and it's part of life that can make life more interesting. Sadness inspires a lot of art and poetry. Sadness is part of life. Sometimes we get depressed, sad and disheartened. If you're looking for the best sad status, Quotes to express sadness on Whatsapp and Facebook to your friend, family, boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Sad Status And Quotes For Whatsapp And Facebook:-

1. Sadness is nothing more than a wall between two gardens. 

2. When sorrows come, not single spies come, but in battalion 

3. It's easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love is going to reject you or die. 

4. The only thing that tells me that I am still alive is pain. 

5.No one ever knows how much it hurts! 

6.I hate it when the only way to feel better is to cry. 

7.I can always pretend that I'm all right, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting hurt. 

8. The worst kind of pain is to stop the tears from falling when you smile. 

9. Everyone knows something is wrong, but no one knows what's going on. 

10.Expecting too much is one way to hurt myself, perhaps I should learn not to get too much attached

11. The most painful goodbye is that which has never been said and never been explained.... 

12.It's better to be alone sometimes... nobody can hurt you. 

13.If you're in love and hurt, it's like a cut... it's going to heal, but there's always going to be a scar. 

14.The value of what you have will never be realized until what you have is no longer yours. 

15. The person who happens to others often ends in solitude. 

16.Only another word for pain is my silence. 

17.If you leave without a reason, please do not return with an excuse. 

18.Love is the person you think of in the sad songs... 

19.Tears come from your heart, not from your brain. 

20. Never trust those people who have no understanding of your feelings.

21.I have never stopped loving you, I have just stopped showing you 

22. The greater your ability to love, the greater your ability to feel pain. 

23.When you have someone in your heart, it hurts, but you can't have someone in your arms. 

24.There is a pain in every heart. Only the way in which it is expressed is different. Fools hide it in their eyes, while the brilliant in their smiles hide it. 

25.Nothing is more depressing than having everything and still feeling sad. 

26.Worst Kind Of Pain Is Just To Stop The Tears From Falling When You're Smiling 

27.With a thousand pleasures, you touched my heart and broke it in a million pieces. 

28.Any Thought Is A Battle, Every Breath Is A War And I Think I Win Anymore. 

29.Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When You Mouth Can't Explain How Broken Your Heart Is. 

30.Don't Cry Over Who Wouldn't Cry Over You.

31.From the moment of our birth, from the moment of our death. 

32.A Mirror Shows The Outside, But On The Inside Never Pain. 

33.When someone else starts to take your place in someone's life, it really hurts. 

34.That Terrible Moment When Your Relationship Silence Consider Your Ego. 

35. At the wrong time, I always found the right one. 

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